It's always good to know you have backup. And as it turns out- when Bighorn County law enforcement called for backup following a jail break, it just so happened that two deputies on duty in Yellowstone County were trained to respond for that very situation.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder joined us on Tuesday's Montana Talks radio show to describe the situation involving the three men who escaped from the Bighorn County jail. He also described the immediate response from Yellowstone County Sheriff's deputies following the call for support.

Check out the full audio below.


As KTVQ-TV reports, the Bighorn County Sheriff's Office has also released details of the escape:

On February 7, 2020 at around 10:05 P.M., inmates were able to lure a Big Horn County Detention Officer into one of the larger men’s cell block by convincing the officer of a sick person. The Officer stood at that entrance door and motioned the inmate that was ill to come to the door. Two or three male inmates at this time grabbed the Officer and pulled him inside where they assaulted him and bound him. The inmates were able to get a jail key from the officer and proceeded to the Big Horn County Dispatch area where they again assaulted a dispatcher and handcuffed her and placed her on the floor area. There were approximately three to four inmates in the dispatch area at this time. They convinced the dispatcher to show them how to open the garage into booking and escaped out the garage door.

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