The above tweet was my reaction to the news that Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT), struggling to raise money and gain any traction in polling for his presidential pipe dream, will now accept public financing of his campaign.

I guess using Montana taxpayers dollars to fund his campaign wasn't he wants everybody to pay for his pipe dream. As you may recall, the Montana GOP called on Bullock to reimburse taxpayers for the bills he was racking up.

According to the Montana Republican Party, Governor Bullock has spent over $300,000 in taxpayer dollars. They add, in fiscal year 2019, Bullock spent $273,000 to cover his campaign security costs.

As an interesting sidebar, the head of the Democrat National Committee was in Helena, Montana Tuesday night. And it looks like Tom Perez took a shot at Bullock and his presidential pipe dream, according to this report by Holly Michels with Lee Newspapers:

Bullock, who is termed out from running again, launched a long-shot bid for his party’s nomination for president in May. He has been critical of the DNC and Perez for their role in setting the criteria for the party’s presidential debates. He's only qualified for and appeared in one so far.

“They had four months to meet that criteria. It’s hard to have a criteria less than 1%,” Perez said, referencing the threshold to qualify for the early debates.


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