‘Wave on Wave’ hitmaker Pat Green already has a big following of devoted fans, but he’s hoping to rope in some loyal listeners with a new gig he’s trying. The singer has accepted a temporary position as a morning radio host for Austin-based country station KVET for the month of June. Green will join current hosts Chris Mosser and Anne Hudson in the studio as he takes a hiatus from the road.

“I still love music, I still love performing,” Pat Green tells the Boot about his decision to cut back on touring. ”I get the most out of performing than anything else I do. But there’s not a day I’m on the road that I don’t wish I was with my kids.”

In fact, the singer says performing more than 200 shows each year was actually making him sick. “I was getting anxiety, it was making me sick at my stomach,” Green admits. “I had fear and all these other feelings injected into me because I was afraid I was going to miss them doing something great or miss something bad happening and couldn’t be there. I do a lot of other work now so that I can work less on the road.”

The devoted family man will still perform selected dates throughout the summer in promotion of his latest release, ‘Songs We Wish We’d Written II,’ his second collaborations project with fellow Texas artist, Cory Morrow. 

And thanks to modern technology, non-Texas fans can tune in to listen to his morning show viaiHeartRadio.com. When the singer resumes his regular day job, Green does plan to phone-in remotely to check-in with his radio family.

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