As we get closer to not working on the radio, I've begun to think about where I might live. That made me curious as to how many people live in the town or area where they were born. For the purposes of this article, if you were born in Warden or Broadview, we'll just say that you were born here.

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I've been in Billings for 36 years, but I was born in Great Falls. So, I've always been a Montana guy. I just had to move around a little bit to find the right employment situation.

My mom was born and raised in Great Falls and still lives there today. My dad was born in Hamilton, Alabama. His band was on the road but when he met Mom, he became a Great Falls resident. From what I've read, that happens often.

I read an article on the North American Moving Services that shows that 12% of adults live where they were born for 31-35 years.

Of those who moved away from home, 32% moved because of work. A lot of men moved in order to live in their wife's hometowns.

I know of people who move just because they think a new location will change their luck. I'm serious.

My situation worked out pretty well. I'm only three hours from my family, so I can visit a lot. Also, I'm close if any family emergencies pop up. But I'm just far enough away that nobody calls and asks me to help them move.

I love where we live.

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