If you're playing some kind of a pickem' game or playing playoff fantasy football here are my "expert" picks for the NFL this weekend. My picks are in bold.

1. Indianapolis at New England. Despite the Colts impressive comeback at the expense of the Chiefs, Indy will be playing outdoors, in the cold against a playoff experienced opponent in New England. If they fall behind by even 10 points the Patriots won't let them back in the game.

2. San Diego at Denver. The Bolts are hot right now and should give Manning and Co. a run for their money but they'll have to score an awful lot of points and survive the thin air in the 4th quarter. A pretty tall order.

3. San Francisco at Carolina. While the Panthers did defeat the 9ers by the bay in the regular season, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree missed that game and Aldon Smith played limited snaps because he was just coming off an injury. As a Rams fan it pains me to say this (and I hope I'm wrong) but I think this is the end of the road for the regular season Cinderella.

4. New Orleans at Seattle. The Saints proved they can win on the road in the playoffs but they still have a major weakness... they are vulnerable to bruising north/south running backs. The Seahawks dismantled Nawlins' in the regular season, blasted them a couple of years ago in the playoffs and will probably win by a big margin again. They just have the Saints number.

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