The Democrats have 10 months to get all of their items passed in congress before the mid-terms. One thing we know for sure is that by November the COVID-19 thing will be old news and the economy will be more promising than any time in history.

But the new voting rights bill is the most corrupt piece of legislation to come around in a long time.

First, it would remove any kind of voter I.D. requirement even though most of the people in the United States favor voter I.D. laws.

It would also take away individual state rights from making their own election rules from their legislatures which are clearly defined in the constitution.

This is also a terribly racist approach to voting. The democrats claim that current laws unfairly oppress Black Americans and Latinos from voting. How? Why do they think that just because of their color they can't figure out how to vote? It's not income-related because poor white people vote, poor Asian Americans vote, poor Muslim Americans vote. They can all figure out how to vote!

But Latinos and Black Americans can't?

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau, only roughly 15.2% of Montana's population is non-white, which includes Native Americans. We rank as one of the whitest states - so just over 165,000 people would be "benefitting" from this new bill in our state.

And for the general 2020 election, 81% of registered Montanans voted, or around 895,000. That's the highest turnout we've had since 1972, according to the state secretary. What's voter turnout going to look like in Montana when anyone and their I.D.-less mother can vote?

Not to forget that a little over 12% of Montanans are living in poverty too. Remember the Joe Biden quote that poor American kids are just as smart as white kids. I'll make it easier on you to hear what he said by adding the video here:

We all know what the purpose of this bill is: To reshape America and assign permanent power to one party. Can any of you out there give me the name of a person in Montana that has absolutely no I.D and we have no clue who they are? How do they get their social help, medical treatment, stimulus checks, social security, disability, their prescriptions, a phone, etc?

This bill or bills is the biggest attack on our democracy we have ever witnessed and it has to fail. Everyone in this country who is a citizen and is 18 can vote if they want to. You have 10 months to get it done.

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