The election polls close at 8 p.m., so there are still a couple of hours left to cast a ballot.  I wanted to say a quick thanks to the many volunteers who put in a long day today in the name of democracy.  My voting procedure took literally less than 15 minutes.  Not everyone had that experience.  If you weren't registered or had lost your absentee ballot, things got a little more complex.  There were some in a 90 minute line, but hats off to them for sticking it out and making their voice heard.

Forward Montana Foundation rep at MetraPark - photo by Kris Edwards / Townsquare Media

As I was heading inside I was greeted by a representative of Forward Montana Foundation who offered a free slice of Domino's Pizza as a thank you for getting out to vote.

Thanks to everyone who came out.  As you can tell by the millions of dollars spent trying to change your mind, your opinion and your vote does count in this country and it's great to see so many take advantage of the democratic process.