Democrats are now trying to get a new voting rights bill passed. The new rule will mean basically no rules. No voter suppression, expanded mail-in balloting, no voter I.D., no signature verification etc. The bill also would give all federal employees the day off.

Now ask yourself this question, who would this likely benefit? Do you think the Democrats would support giving all N.R.A. members the day off to vote? How about all Catholics or private school parents? How about anyone who works in the oil industry or a refinery around America, maybe all miners and diesel engine manufacturers? Hmmmm. Why are they not pushing for them to all have election day off? This bill is such a blatant example of trying to undermine the legitimacy and integrity of our elections. Plus, it undermines the authority of all 50 states that are required to legislate their own election laws, Article 2 of the Constitution. Hold on, we're in a fight for our lives with this. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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