As I've mentioned on this blog I've been working out for 16 straight days now. While I have the occasional 3 beer night I've been pretty good to watch what I've been eating. If I'm going to have an iced mocha I make sure it's a skinny one, Dry toast with one egg fried is about a half teaspoon of olive oil (with generously sprinkled Frank's Red Hot sauce) and lots of salads. To maintain my weight I know I can eat 2350 calories. If I have an 800 calorie work out (which with cardio and weights is typical for me) then I could eat 3150 and maintain weight. I've been trying to keep it to no more than 1800 per day figuring at that rate I could lose 3 pounds per week. So far, so good.

While I'm pretty good at denying myself what I really crave it doesn't help when people flaunt their indulgences in front of me. Last night, while watching the NFC championship game, my friends Joel and Peggy ordered a pan cooked GIGANTIC chocolate chip cookie topped with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with more chocolate. Gawd how I wanted that cookie! I did take the tiniest of nibbles just to satisfy my addiction to chocolate but of course it was only a tease.

Peggy was kind enough to offer not to order their dessert but what kind of jerk would I be to accept that offer. So I suffered in silence. I hope I wasn't too obvious. At least they didn't break my will.