I saw this plate in traffic the other day and it made me laugh because I DO know "Jack." I'm a little surprised that they let you get that on your plate.

I was applying for "Car&DVR"  a few years back, and the lady at the counter at DMV wasn't going to give it to me at first. But I finally got it.

I love a creative plate. I also love when folks support any of the causes that have a license plate that gets them some money. I have the Chase Hawks plates on my pickup because I think it's a great organization.

And it seems like almost every new VW (slug bug!) has some sort of funny plate on it.

Going back to about 1995 I had bought a used 1972 GMC pickup. One morning, we took suggestions for an appropriate plate for a vehicle of mine. "IMA PIG" was the winner. And it sure got me a lot of interesting looks in traffic.

What's your favorite plate?

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