Here's my list. My list of "Please Don't Do This" to, around me or near me.

Please don't send me money on Facebook Messenger. I have no idea how to get that to my pocket. And if you owe money, I gave it to you - most likely in paper form. That's how I'd like it back.

Please don't shove your smart device in my face and say "You GOTTA watch this!" I don't gotta. If I should "wanna", then I'll do it on my timetable.

Please don't cut me off in traffic. You folks that race up to were two lanes go into one, then dive in front of my vehicle to save yourself 7 seconds on your overall commute, you're getting on my nerves. My vehicle has damage all the way around it anyway. One more dent from bumping you won't bother me.

I'd never do that. But, it gives speed demons something to think about.

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