One of my biggest pet peeves is a lane cutter.

Now don't get me wrong, if a person legitimately forgets what lane they are supposed to be in, I will let them in out of courtesy. That is what I feel a good driver should do.

However, if I see a vehicle blaring up the road with it's blinker on for a long way and they try to cut in, you can bet your bottom dollar I will not let them in. At that point they are being a jerk.

One of the worst places I have seen this happen is Highway 90 as you're getting towards main right by MetraPark or basically 1st and Main.

It seems like it happens a lot.

When you see a long line of vehicles that are patiently waiting in line, don't be a jerk and fly past all of us looking for that one car that will hold everyone else up just because you feel your time is more important than everyone else.

It's rude and none of us appreciate you doing this. We all have places to go and places to be.

Please have some common courtesy and wait in line like everyone else.

If it's a mistake or you're lost I am glad to help. If you are being rude then you deserve to go around the block in my opinion.

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