Baby name site released its predictions for 2012, and if you thought the noun trend — like naming kids after apples and other objets — was weird, just wait until you get a load of the hot new adjective fad.

The adjective is an expansion of the word name thing. People are pushing it in lots of different directions,” Nameberry’s Pamela Satran said.

The site’s celebrity expert, Linda Rosenkrantz, says many kids will be named things like Happy, True, Noble, Brave, Strong, Loyal, Loving, Sunny and Golden next year. She notes Joely Fisher, Forest Whitaker and Meg Ryan already named their babies True, and Adam Sandler chose Sunny for his daughter.

If you were one of the many people swept up by royal wedding fever, why not name your kid Royal? It’s also expected to be big in 2012. Seriously.

Satran also noted that adventurous, aggressive and macho names are gaining popularity. “They take these almost retrograde male qualities but make them something new. Macho in a renegade way,” she said. Examples? Bear, Fox, Wolf, Falcon, Hawk, Breaker, Wilder and Ranger.

And if you think no parents in their right mind would possibly choose those names, you haven’t read many celebrity websites lately. ‘Clueless’ actress Alicia Silverstone’s baby is named Bear Blu, singer Erykah Badu’s baby girl is Puma, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s baby is Bandit, and director Robert Rodriguez named his kids Rebel, Rogue, Rocket and Racer.

Satran says cowboy names like Wylie, Wyatt, Cole, Colt, Zane, Shane and Maverick are also gaining momentum. Even compass directions like West and South are showing up on birth certificates.

Choosing a name with personal meaning is terrific, but just because celebrities are doing it doesn’t mean you should. Remember they have the financial means to hire playground bodyguards for their kids and to pay for the limitless therapy sessions that may be necessary as a result of a name like Puma.

[via Daily Mail]

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