I'm sure you've heard the story of New York Representative Andrew Weiner and his ill fated Twitter photo of his boxers and other parts.  The Congressman is solid proof of a couple of traits.  One you can't trust a guy with power and a camera.  And two, photos you take will always be public eventually.

Facebook is working hard to make all photos public.  The network has been slowly rolling out facial recognition software which enables friends to tag you in photos.  You've been able to be tagged, but not the software will find any photo of you and suggest a tag.  That's a little deeper than simply seeing someone in a photo.

We would all probably be stunned if we knew just how much information organizations like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft have about each of us.  Here's a way you can slow down Facebook's unending snooping.

  • In your privacy settings in Facebook, click customize settings
  • Scroll down to the "Suggest Photos of Me to Friends" setting and hit "Edit Settings".
  • In the right hand drop down, select "disable".

Facebook rolled out this privacy violating process without letting anyone know.  It's pretty routine for the network, especially when you consider the thoughts of the founder Mark Zuckerberg.

if I were to create Facebook again today, user information would by default be public

Do you expect privacy?