Well, Facebook went down this morning around 8:15, as did Instagram. I'm not on Instagram, but I live half of my life on Facebook. Many people message me through Messenger while we're talking on the air, and many message me to play on Game Days.

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But it's down this morning. Whatever shall I do with my day? I mean, I woke up this morning at 2. So, I was gathering tidbits from there from 2-4. Then I scrolled through it sporadically all morning.

I see a lot of people having lunch with their phones, no conversation with anybody they are sitting next to. And the only words spoken to the server are "cheeseburger" and "milkshake." (I wrote a very interesting article yesterday about being addicted to your phone.)

But it's how life is now. And I'm hoping that Facebook is out all day, so I won't be tempted to check it while I'm waiting for my food to arrive. It's okay to talk to your servers a little bit; a lot of them are pretty nice folks.

Now, on the other hand, I've sat next to some attractive gals at lunch at places where you just sit at the bar and start talking to them using one of my "never fails" pick-up lines. Then they take one look at me and pick up THEIR phones, and the being ignored has begun.

That's why I brought my phone, so I've got something to do while I'm waiting for my lunch.

Talk to each other, people.

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