Please Don't Feed The Dog
One of my Facebook buddies was having coffee on her porch this morning. Some random stranger, who was wandering down her street, stopped and started feeding her dog.
Would You Ever Leave Facebook?
I know the thought of there being a mass exodus on Facebook seems pretty ridiculous, but there was a point in time in which I would have said the same thing about Myspace. Any platform has the possibility of being replaced by the "new thing". Facebook just typically buys the "new th…
What's a "Top Fan"? on Facebook
Facebook is pretty tight lipped about the specifics, but the obvious part is that you get a Top Fan badge by acting like a Top Fan: interacting with our posts (commenting, liking and sharing)
You Might Live In Montana If
As I was scrolling through my facebook feed today, it occurred to me how much it sounded like Jeff Foxworthys "You might be a redneck if".
If you've got more pictures posted of dead antelope than members of your family.
Or, if your wife's job requires her to wear an orange …
Eleven Years On Facebook
I like the "memories" that pop up on my Facebook page each day. But yesterday, FB reminded me that I've been on it for eleven years!
So, now I'm wondering how much time I've wasted staring at it.
I like FB for reminders of people birthdays and such...
Do You Know A Social Media Fanatic?
It's no secret that social media has been and continues to take over a lot of people's lives. I am firm believer that it can only take over as much as we allow it to. For some though, control seems to be out of control...
Facebook Fights and Activism
As I stared at that computer screen at 3 in the dang morning, I had to decide what kind of social media day I would have. I saw posts concerning illegal immigration, voting for more school levies vs laying off employees, and about 3 or 4 anti-gun blogs...
Who's Not On Social Media In Your Universe?
Believe it or not, I'm one of the most active members of my family on social media. Specifically Facebook, for me.
I've got a sister in law who has a "rockstar" social media presence, and one cousin who is active as well.
Other than that, mom, step mom, 3 nieces, and my goo…

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