I know I'm not the only one who skips the step of removing the snow from my car before I get on the road, but today I paid the price.

Last night's snow was that thin, powdery stuff, so I assumed it would blow off pretty quickly.  Some of it did blow off of the vehicle, but plenty of it somehow blew inside the vehicle.  I'm pretty sure I have some plumbing issues going on with the vents in my car and as soon as I got on the road, my cab looked like a snow globe. There was literally snow blowing around everywhere inside. The pic only shows a small amount of the aftermath.  It was bad enough that I actually had to pull over because it was getting hard to see.

Obviously, I've got some issues going on that I need to take a look at, but this could be God smiting me for not caring about the people behind me riding in my blizzardous wake.

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