My sister and I were having a conversation the other day about getting old.  She is in her mid-fifties (I'm a few years younger). We were joking about how old we feel, but it made me think, when does someone consider you old?

  • Are we old when we start to get AARP advertisements in the mail?
  • Could it be when you turn fifty and you realize that you are a half of a century old?
  • Do we still buy into the old saying that you're only as old as you feel?

At what age do we suddenly feel like we are old?

After our conversation, I started to watch for things that make me feel old.

  • When you go to get up and you make a groaning sound, you might be old.
  • When you realize your coworker who is only a few years older has a calculator with huge buttons so he can see better.

I really do think being old is a state of mind.

I know people in their thirties that you'd think were in their eighties and people in their seventies that you'd swear were in their forties.

Maybe if you're young at heart, you feel young.

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