I was scouring the internet for tidbits for our "Maybe It's Just Nashville" segment when I ran across some interesting things in Roundup in July.

The Roundup Independence Day Extravaganza will feature a concert by Joe Nichols on July third, and an Eagles tribute band called "Hotel California" will do a show the next night.

But it was the next item that caught my eye. Although they aren't doing it this year, they usually have the "Mimosa Mile."

On your mark. Get set. Drink your first mimosa, then run one-third of a mile. Then, drink a second mimosa. Now run another third of a mile, drink a third mimosa. And wrap up your race with another third of a mile run.

This sounded very "North of town" to me, but I laughed. I then Googled "Redneck Games" and found that somebody had beaten me to it.

A guy named Mac Davis (I assume that he wasn't THE Mac Davis), who was the general manager of a radio station, put the games together. Events included the cigarette flip, bobbing for pigs feet, seed spitting, horseshoes with toilet seats, wet t-shirt contest, and the contest that was the redneckiest: armpit serenade.

I'm not going to organize my own Redneck Olympics, but I have some ideas for additional contests.

The insanely popular Beer Pong is a no-brainer. Same with Corn Hole. We would need some sort of greased pig catching event. And since I'm the organizer, we will have a golf cart obstacle course.

To ensure great attendance I'd hold the event the same day the monster trucks are in town.

What other events do you RECKON we oughtta do?

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