So what is the dirtiest, most garbage-infested road that you pass every day?

I got to tell ya, Highway 87 heading to Roundup has to be one of the worst. I travel on that road all the time and every day it gets worse. Not just small garbage either; we're talking huge pieces of plastic, paper, and cardboard litter that highway.

Highway 87 Montana
Credit: Google Maps / Canva

If you have traveled the road to Red Lodge it's hard to believe those two roads are in the same state. Highway 212 is not anywhere close to 87 North in terms of upkeep.

Credit: Google Maps / Canva
Credit: Google Maps / Canva

Montana Avenue seems to get its share of garbage too but the aluminum cans seem to always be absent. 6th Avenue is somewhat dirty but not as bad as some others. Even the road to the dump doesn't seem to be as bad as Highway 87.

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Some of the rural roads, too, are disgusting where you can find anything from dead animals to furniture. What kind of disgusting human would do that kind of thing? I'm sure we all have inadvertently lost something or another out of our pick-up boxes, it happens. But to purposely discard your trash in an area where you think you can get away with it is about as low as you can go.

I saw a pony once thrown in the ditch; tires are also a big one. Maybe more community dumpsters would help with the problem, but you just can't fix stupid. I wonder what kind of upbringing these people have had. Have some respect for others and where you live for God's sake.

I'm getting really tired of having to clean up after others...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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