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According to the Associated Press, some of the major retailers in the country are now calling for all governors in all states to make mask-wearing mandatory. Hey, mind your OWN business (get it?).

You don't get to dictate policy for all states much less each American citizen. You can have your own store rules and you are responsible for enforcing them. Who in the hell do you think you are? What if I wanted all governors to make it mandatory that everyone eats a loaf of bread and a pound of hamburger each day. You already have all the safety precautions in place to protect your workers, right? Masks, shields,self-scanners etc. So if that's what it takes to make you safe then your workers are covered. If i want to go somewhere without a mask, I have the right, and if there are requirements for me to wear one in a particular setting then I won't go there. It's simple. I think we would all agree that Target and Home Depot can't make state law or national law. We have a way of doing that. So put up signs outside of YOUR stores that say "mask required" like Costco, and mind your own business. See you tomorrow at 5.

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