Retailers: It’s Not Your Call
You don't get to dictate policy for all states much less each American citizen. You can have your own store rules and you are responsible for enforcing them. Who in the hell do you think you are?
Here’s Our List of Top Cyber Monday Finds
It's Cyber Monday! Here's a list of some great deals we've found for you. We'll update this page all day long with more awesome deals as we find them, so be sure to check back with us throughout the day!
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Target Says, "No More Clowns"
You've heard all the news about 'Creepy Clowns' popping up in the strangest of places across the country. Target says they have had enough.
They will stop selling clown masks both online and on location.
Fired up by social media and news stories of people in clown masks terror…
Billings' Target Stance On Bathrooms
I am sure you have seen the uproar nationally about transgender people now being allowed to pick and choose which bathroom they would like to use.
Many people are very frustrated with this issue while others support it.
Recently Target corporate headquarters took an official stance for their nationwid…
Win a $100 Gift Card
Walked into a big box retailer last week only to be greeted by an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree with a placard hanging on it reminding shoppers that it was only "50 days until Christmas."
That was a week ago and the number of shopping days until Christmas are melting rapidly...
Hackers Steal Credit Card Info From 40 Million Target Customers
Approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts used by Target customers may have been impacted by a major data breach, the retailer said Thursday. Customer names along with credit and debit card numbers may have been accessed, as well as the expiration date and three-digit security code on …
Target Bag Dresses Are A Hit
A junior at Shepherd High School, Chevelle Sleaford has gotten some attention by turning plastic shopping bags from Target into clothing. The project was part of her entry in a station competition of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization...