I am sure you have seen the uproar nationally about transgender people now being allowed to pick and choose which bathroom they would like to use.

Many people are very frustrated with this issue while others support it.

Recently Target corporate headquarters took an official stance for their nationwide chain saying that they support this law and enforce it in their stores as an official policy. This resulted in an online petition in which more than 500,000 people have vowed that they will not shop at this store until they change their view. That list is growing day by day.

I wanted to see what our own local Billings Target thought about this policy and what their stance was on it so I called the store on Main Street.

They declined to have me put the audio in this blog and gave me a number to their national media hot line. When I called I was directed to a voicemail and have not been contacted back.

One thing that I was told though is that this particular store has not changed their procedure regarding bathroom use. What was is in place before remains in place at this time.

I will keep on this for you. If and when something changes locally I will be sure to pass that along to you.

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