Beginning this upcoming Monday (10/12), RiverStone Health will again be offering free COVID-19 testing, but the location is moving.

According to a press release from Yellowstone County's public health service, the new testing site will be on the United Way of Yellowstone County campus, located at 2173 Overland Avenue.

John Felton, CEO of RiverStone Health, said they "wanted to provide free COVID-19 testing in a location that protects those getting tested and our staff from the weather." The new testing site at the United Way offers drive-thru bays that will allow for testing in any weather conditions.

United Way is always on the front lines of community problems. We continually review and adapt our practices to best serve the community. That is why we are partnering with RiverStone Health to provide the winter testing site for COVID-19. Together with RiverStone Health, we continue to LIVE UNITED and work toward a Yellowstone County in which we can all thrive. -Kim Lewis, United Way of Yellowstone Co. President and CEO.

Free COVID-19 will continue through Thursday (10/8) at the Shrine Auditorium parking lot on Broadwater Avenue, but will be closed on Friday (10/9) as they prepare for the move to the new testing site.

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Tests are available for free Monday through Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm for anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or been notified by RiverStone Health that they've been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

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