Roadkill - deer lies dead on a rural highway after being struck by a car.
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To play off of the blog that Kris Edwards did a few days ago.  What are you serving for Christmas dinner?

Prime Rib, Ham, Lobster?

How about roadkill?

I recently read a story on air that a couple in Devon, England is having roadkill for dinner on Christmas.

According to the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, a couple has recovered 50 dead (roadkill animals) near their home over the course of the year and now they will be eating some of that roadkill (venison to be exact) for Christmas dinner.

Not that I'm defending their choice to keep roadkill, but they do make a good point.

The couple says that they can't stand waste and by taking home the roadkill and consuming it, they are recycling the waste.

They went on to say that some of the roadkill they have recovered includes, Badger (which tastes similar to pork) and Fox, which they say isn't particularly nice.

What are your thoughts?

Would you retrieve and eat roadkill?




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