The Disgusting Food Museum has opened in Sweden and allows guests to smell and taste more than 80 of the world's most disgusting foods.

Disgusting according to who? One country's YUCK is another country's YUM.

Unfamiliar foods can be delicious, or they can be more of an acquired taste. While cultural differences often separate us and create boundaries, food can also connect us. Sharing a meal is the best way to turn strangers into friends.

I don't think most of you will argue that roasted guinea pig and maggot infested cheese are NOT in the YUM category. But they love it in Peru and Sardinia.

Although you might disagree with some of the American foods that are featured in the exhibit. They include Jello Salad, Twinkies, Licorice and Root Beer.  I'm all in on the Licorice, but ROOT BEER?  Some people say Root Beer tastes like toothpaste.  That makes me wonder what these countries are using as "toothpaste."

What food do YOU think should be in the Disgusting Food Museum?

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