I was reading a blog post today which suggested it would be hard to tell the difference between Brad Paisley and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon if they were standing directly in front of you.  That required finding a couple of photos of the two.  Here are a couple of shots from earlier this year.  Brad's photo is from the ACM Awards show while Jeff is from a race in Florida.


While this shot looks pretty easy to tell the difference, do you remember when both were on the same stage at the same time during the CMA Awards this past November?  Looking closely, you can see a touch of grey in Gordon's attempt at a beard in comparison to Brad.

The guy who CAN sing, Brad Paisley has been creating video content for the big screens for his upcoming tour finishing up his music video for “Old Alabama” and getting ready to hit television for the release of the CD, "This Is Country Music" May 23rd.  Here's a bit of the schedule:

May 24 - ABC’s “Good Morning America,”

May 24 - CBS’s “The Late Show with David Letterman”

May 24 - Fox News’ “Hannity” that evening.

May 25 - “The View” on ABC.

Maybe Brad could use Jeff as a stunt double.  Just as long as he doesn't sing.

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