I ran across an article in the Missoulian this morning that was talking about all of your options for lodging if you stay a night in their city. And one that struck me as pretty funny was the Volkswagen Vanagon in East Missoula that you can stay in for just 30 bucks per night. AND, it has wi-fi!

My family had one of these fabulous VW products and did some camping in it back in the 70's. On ours, the top flipped up and that's where I got to sleep.

I don't know how deluxe the one being advertised is but, factory options included a propane refrigerator, a dashboard blower, and would sleep 4 adults. For 30 bucks, that's a pretty good deal.

I'm not sure what your options are for heat or room service, but the price is definitely right. And my favorite golf course in the state is there. Going to have to check it out.


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