Hardy's "Truck Bed" is NOT a country song.

We learned this week that March 5th is Cinco De Marcho. Someone claimed that because they thought that there were too many green decorations because people were gearing up for St. Patrick's Day.

The first Thursday of every month at Albertsons is Senior Day. Seniors save 10% off their entire grocery bill. I save big dollars and already have it on my schedule for next month, even though I forgot to use their app.

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Arizona has created a job called "Heat Response Officer." That should help during their summers.

If you heard us talking about checking our "steps" on our phones, you'll be glad to know that my total for Thursday was 875.

Camping is all fun and games until someone burns their Weiner.

An event that I strongly recommend if you're a parent. It's a father/daughter and mother/son dance on Thursday, March 21st, at the Huntley Project High School gym. It's ten bucks for adults and 5 bucks for kids. They will have a photo booth and a bake sale. All proceeds benefit the Tri-County Honor Band. These students are traveling to Denver for their 2024 tour.

I went to one of these with my daughter when she was about ten years old. We dressed up all fancy and went out for dinner at a place that she picked. (She picked the Rib & Chop House because she knew I liked it and she loves their mac and cheese) It's a memory she still talks about to this day.

One of the truest things that I've ever heard from other parents is that they grow up fast...and she has.

I had a great time at my job this week. Thanks for listening and playing along.

Back Monday at 5.

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