My New Campfire Guitar
I bought myself a little "Jim Dandy" parlor sized guitar from Gretsch. It's small, cheap and not a big deal if it gets some road scars. My playing is essential for camping since it wards of bears and other people.
Camping With Kids at Headwaters Country Jam
If we do this, we'll be in a tent and I'd rather use the Cat Country campsite, but if you've got some first hand experience and recommend the family area, I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts in the comments section.
One Of My Streaks Is Over
As near as I can recall, the last time I got stung by anything was about 1988. It was on my hand in our old studios on South Billings Boulevard. And now, I've got to start a new streak as I got stung yesterday.
We were riding the 4 wheelers up in the mountains near Red Lodge about 4 in the after…
Sleeping In A VW Van
I ran across an article in the Missoulian this morning that was talking about all of your options for lodging if you stay a night in their city. And one that struck me as pretty funny was the Volkswagen Vanagon in East Missoula that you can stay in for just 30 bucks per night...
Top Five Camping Destinations
Overall, camping has been on a steady decline across the U.S. for the last several years. Many Americans claim they simply don't have time for nature. Others seem to have a fear of being disconnected from the electronic world and simply won't venture off into spots without phone and intern…
Scout Troop Gets Robbed
Within minutes of the Billings Morning News reporting that a Billings Boy Scout Troop had been robbed, individuals and businesses opened their wallets for an impromptu fundraising effort for Boy Scout Troop 10.
The outpouring of support helped raise at least $1,200 to help replenish some of the troop…
Montana's Outdoors Heralded
When it comes to hiking trails, state and national parks, campgrounds or rock climbing, Montana can lay claim to having some of the best in the country -- literally.

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