Hey did you hear? The son of a Legend is coming to town on August 5th.

I heard about it yesterday afternoon after I got off the air. I was down stairs at the coffee shop in the Crown Plaza and I overheard two women discussing a concert that is coming to the Babcock Theater, downtown at 2nd and North.

After doing some research last night I found out that  on August 5th Shooter Jennings will be in town for one night. Shooter is the only son of Country Outlaw Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. This will be the first visit for Jennings in Billings.

If you’re not familiar with Shooter (his real name is Waylon, but he did not want to be known as a ‘Junior’), his style is very reminiscent of the music his dad and Willie Nelson performed in the Mid-70s, with a “modern twist”. Jennings has been recording since 1996, when he first started with his Dad. He has a total of five albums in his recording history.

One of the other projects that Jennings has been working off and on is a recording with Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie. Kind of makes sense, the two musicians spent the first three years of their lives sharing a crib on a tour bus together.

If you’re thinking of seeing the Shooter Jennings show, tickets are $20 in advance and $22 on Monday August 5th. You can get them at Tickets300 box office on 3rd Avenue downtown or at the Rimrock Mall. The show starts at 8pm.

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