I'm a complex shopper. I want the best when I'm shopping. I drive nice vehicles. I own nice furniture. But I also don't mind finding a deal once in a while.

So, I needed a new toaster and started looking online. For some reason, I had the price in my head at right about $19.95.

Let me give you some results of my research. You can get a toaster from Waring that will toast four slices of bread for $181.00!  Cuisinart has several in the $55 range.

But then I ran across this treasure at Albertsons! (I didn't know they sold toasters.) It was marked down from just under $13 bucks to $6.49. Score!

It features a slide-out crumb tray, auto shut off and "always cool" sides.

If this thing warms up as many as TWO Pop Tarts, then I will feel good about this purchase.

What's the best deal that you've found recently?


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