As I've mentioned about a hundred times I live on Montana Avenue which is right down the street from St. Vincent's Thrift Store. Cat Country is also across the street. So instead of taking smoke breaks like many of my colleagues, I use my breaks to see if anything new has come into the store. I'm always looking for mid-century modern furniture and accessories and those kinds of items are very popular now days and get snapped up fast so I have to check constantly before I get beat out of something cool.

Well yesterday, I beat out my competition. I found this super cool Fingerhut green vinyl accent chair. It's vintage (probably from the 60's) and the vinyl is nearly perfect. Something you rarely see in something 50 years old. I imagine it was covered in plastic of some old lady's living room and people weren't allowed to sit on it. Lol. The price... just $38.25!

The lesson... if you see something cool that you've never seen before the time to buy it is when you see it. If you wait, someone else will probably think it's cool too and you'll miss out.

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