Can you go any lower than stealing money from kids? Maybe kick their dog on the way out….but really…check out these losers. Court documents say that two losers are being charged with embezzling from the Blackfeet youth program, yep - you heard that right, they were stealing from kids. Oh and by the way, just for more insult, they gambled a portion of those dollars away in casinos.

The affidavit by FBI Special Agent Jason Grende was unsealed Monday and it provided greater detail into the alleged scheme that included a half dozen losers in the Po'Ka Project. They were arraigned last week.

Apparently the investigation concluded an Oklahoma State University professor hired as the project's national monitor kicked back hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Child Family Advocacy Fund bank account. One word: Scum.

FBI analysts determined that Po'Ka Project leaders Francis Onstad and Shanny Augare were the masterminds of this scheme to rip off the kids. They divided the money and deposited it into their personal bank accounts. Grende said those account records show numerous cash withdrawals at casinos, but did not give a total.

And to top it off, these two losers - Onstad and Augare, have pled not guilty.