We've all been there. Either with our own kids or seen others. It's called the meltdown.

Nearly every trip to Walmart I see a kid who doesn't get his or her way throwing a tantrum that would wake the dead. It is never pleasant and it sends my skin shivering with anxiety.

My kids know the consequences if they ever even think of acting this way. I do not and will not tolerate that behavior from them and they know it.

So how does one stop this attitude without going to jail?

There are plenty of sources that have some good ideas to help parents that don't have as much control as they would like.

Whenever I run into a new issue that I need help understanding, Parents.Com seems to be a good source with good answers.

Here are 5 things they say can work:

  • Ignore The Child
  • Give Your Child Space
  • Create A Diversion
  • Find Out What's Really Wrong
  • Give Them A Reason To Behave

There are more and if you would like to see them all, CLICK HERE.

When I was growing up, I got the good ol' fashioned butt whoopin' if I misbehaved and I ended up just fine because of it.

In my opinion, it's all about parenting and knowing how to "Play The Game."

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