On my way into work this morning I had an interesting experience.

As I was driving down 1st Ave. towards downtown Billings when I caught a red light at 25th.

One thing about driving and being at red lights is the opportunity to view those around you. I tend to do this a lot. I like people and I like to see what's around.

This particular stop was not one of the friendliest though.

As we all sat there on red I looked over to my left to see a man brushing his teeth. Now I have seen people doing a lot of different things while driving but I have never seen someone brushing their teeth.

I no more than noticed what he was doing when he turned and made eye contact with me. I smiled and I guess he didn't like that. His gesture to me was to say that I was number 1 with his middle finger on his right hand!

I laughed, the light turned green and away we went.

I couldn't get a picture of him and it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to do so. I rounded the block and caught the red light again to get the picture above.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen while at a stop light in Billings?