Today I'm talking grocery shopping at Albertsons.

When I shop, I'm old school. I have a handwritten list.  I'm just now transitioning to making a list on my phone. Sometimes I forget my handwritten list. But that phone is always in my pocket.

I put the Albertsons app on my phone a couple of years ago. And even though I don't use it nearly enough, I still check it every time I go to the store. At the very least there's a digital coupon for $5 off.

The app also remembers some of the things that you buy often. So many times my app reminds me that I am about out of coffee creamer, cheese, and Diet Pepsi.

So just like our radio station has been telling you, get the app, get the app, get the app.

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And I also need to update my thinking about buying stuff that they make in the deli at Albertsons.

They do meat and cheese trays, chicken pot pies, turkey salad, wraps, and even guacamole.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

I love guacamole. I had a girlfriend who made it. I remember it because she did it that one time when she was in the kitchen.

I've seen deals where if you drink wine, you'll get 25% off if you buy six bottles.

We need a deal like that for a light beer. The more you buy, the more you save.

They also have an awesome bakery. You can get birthday cakes made very reasonably.

I think it's grocery day.

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