Daylis Stadium

Aging Daylis
School district 2 officials say Daylis Stadium is in the need for some major repairs such as bleachers, rest rooms, locker rooms, etc.  How to pay for it. . . that's the question.  If you cut just 1 administration job you could save over 2...
Billings Xtreme Beat Idaho Mustangs
It was a game that almost didn't happen!
This past Saturday the Billings Xtreme football team was set to take on the Idaho Mustangs at Daylis Stadium here in Billings.
Kickoff was scheduled for 5pm, but when the clock hit that time, there was no sign of the Mustangs...
The Billings Xtreme Took A Hit Saturday
As the weather warms up, so does the outdoor action. Some of that action? Football!
Last Saturday (April 2nd) was the season opener for Billings Xtreme Football.
The game kicked off at 2 p.m. at Daylis Stadium otherwise known as Wendy's Field...