We're Giving You A Big Basket Of Boom!
Add a little BOOM to your 4th of July weekend with a $100 gift certificate from Patriot Discount Fireworks. Spinners, bottle rockets, fountains, sparklers...pick whatever you want and add some BANG to your backyard celebration!
Fireworks in South Billings
A South Billings garage wasn’t under attack on Tuesday, but it may have sounded like it. Flames broke out in the garage at 41 Monroe Street after a battery ignited gasoline fumes on the floor, according to the Billings Fire Department...
The Fireworks Display We Need Next Year
After talking to several people, I have realized that Billings needs one more gigantic fireworks display of thunderous proportions. This one will be in the morning. The very early morning. About 4 a.m.
Yep. It's a little payback for those out there who setting off these explosions till the early…
My Fireworks Rules Violations List For This Year
Here's a quick rundown of all the things that I did wrong while lighting off fireworks this year:

Didn't buy fireworks specifically suited to the age group at our gathering.
Encouraged kids to chase down and try to catch the parachuting soldiers that had just been fired out of a mortar …
Name A Firework
Our Weird Wednesday topic today was to have listeners name their own fireworks.
Here's a list:

Hay Stack Eliminator
1st News
Flaming Zombie
Trump Tower
Red Lightning
The "Nancy Pelosi" (snakes)
The "Gianforte"
the "Husband"
And &a…
Fireworks And Dollars
I was driving across Billings about dusk on the 4th of July and saw a lot of fireworks being set off. I heard even more than I saw.
And I'm curious what people spent on their home fireworks displays this year. I was at a failry big party where the host bought $1,100.00 w...

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