We're Giving You A Big Basket Of Boom!
Add a little BOOM to your 4th of July weekend with a $100 gift certificate from Patriot Discount Fireworks. Spinners, bottle rockets, fountains, sparklers...pick whatever you want and add some BANG to your backyard celebration!
Fireworks in South Billings
A South Billings garage wasn’t under attack on Tuesday, but it may have sounded like it. Flames broke out in the garage at 41 Monroe Street after a battery ignited gasoline fumes on the floor, according to the Billings Fire Department...
The Fireworks Display We Need Next Year
After talking to several people, I have realized that Billings needs one more gigantic fireworks display of thunderous proportions. This one will be in the morning. The very early morning. About 4 a.m.
Yep. It's a little payback for those out there who setting off these explosions till the early…
My Fireworks Rules Violations List For This Year
Here's a quick rundown of all the things that I did wrong while lighting off fireworks this year:

Didn't buy fireworks specifically suited to the age group at our gathering.
Encouraged kids to chase down and try to catch the parachuting soldiers that had just been fired out of a mortar …
Name A Firework
Our Weird Wednesday topic today was to have listeners name their own fireworks.
Here's a list:

Hay Stack Eliminator
1st News
Flaming Zombie
Trump Tower
Red Lightning
The "Nancy Pelosi" (snakes)
The "Gianforte"
the "Husband"
And &a…
Fireworks And Dollars
I was driving across Billings about dusk on the 4th of July and saw a lot of fireworks being set off. I heard even more than I saw.
And I'm curious what people spent on their home fireworks displays this year. I was at a failry big party where the host bought $1,100.00 w...
UPDATE: 4th Of July Fireworks Death in Billings
Update: The Yellowstone County Coroner's Office has released the name of the victim of Saturday nights firework accident in South Billings as 32-year-old Nathan Vannatta.
Billings Police Lt. Casey Hafner said,
 Vannatta was firing fireworks from a tube he was holding against his hip. When one of the m…
The Government Blows… Up Enjoyment For Independence Day
Where once freedom rang, the halls of government are now sucking the fun out of almost everything. They have their sticky crooked fingers in our football, they make you feel guilty about eating your weight in potato chips and you can't even enjoy a smooth, refreshing Marlboro while visiting lov…
Best Places to View Fireworks
We gathered up all of your suggestions on the best places to see both residential and professional displays in and around Billings, Montana. If you're hoping to watch Fourth of July fireworks live. It's never too soon to start planning your viewing strategy...

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