Frost Free Day And Tax Free Day
May 15th is frost-free day in Montana, the day when it should be safe for your garden, and the 15th is also around the time we reach Tax-free day. That means every penny you have made so far this year will go to pay your taxes.
People are running to garden centers now to get what they need for their garden. They no doubt will pick up a bag of steer manure. Can someone tell me why steer manure is better than cow manure or heifer manure?
Also, if it comes from a feedlot and run through a factory that bags it how do they separ…
Better Tomatoes
I had an old timer tell me that when you plant your tomatoes you want to make sure you put manure in the soil, use a consistent watering schedule and plant marigolds around them.  The flowers emit an odor  that bugs don't like and that will keep them off your plants...