Please Press One
Did you ever wonder how much time we waste after we hear the recording say, "If you know your party's extension....wait for the beep"? Seven seconds here, eight seconds there. After you stop and think about it, those seconds really add up.
Custom-Made Pens
Completely out of the blue this morning, a listener walked in a gave us presents. And not just presents, but custom-made ones!
When You Break Up With The Flakes
It happens. Seasons change. Opinions change. Times change. We have lost people and their allegiance through the years, usually do to differences in political opinions. Apparently, if you voted differently than we did, then we can't even be friends...
What YOU Said About the New Library Proposal
This morning, the Breakfast Flakes had quite a bit to say about the $16 million bond issue to build a new Parmly Billings Library.  With election day on Tuesday, November 8, we wanted to get your thoughts on the whether or not taxpayers should be flipping the bill for this project.  Here is what you had to say on Facebook: