This morning, the Breakfast Flakes had quite a bit to say about the $16 million bond issue to build a new Parmly Billings Library.  With election day on Tuesday, November 8, we wanted to get your thoughts on the whether or not taxpayers should be flipping the bill for this project.  Here is what you had to say on Facebook:

  • Chris Lee - NO! If the people who want a new library want it so bad they can set up a donation fund. I will not vote or pay for something I will NEVER use! Libraries are shutting down all over, why go to the library when you have everything you need at school, on the computer, or even on a cell phone!? I pay for my own internet and if that is what people want a library for maybe stop spending money on garbage and buy yourself your own internet or go to a coffee shop... I vote NO
  • Carol George Butler - NOT FAIR!!! Who goes to the library anymore!!! For the people that say yes - then they can pay for the library - have a 'use fee' !!!
  • Ashley Morris - I'm sick of being nickled and dimed....$30/mo. last year and we have a relatively inexpensive house. If you want a library this very second, fund raise for it. OR wait untilwe can afford to help. Right now is NOT the time to ask people to dig into their pockets for something that most people find unnecessary.
  • Julie Lowe - That money the library is demanding can go to more productive projects. Hardly anyone uses the library now. I definately agree there should be a 'user fee' if a new library needs to be built. The library can save the money to get the new library instead of sticking it to the 'little people'.
  • Marcie Mullen Hummel - It's a bunch of BS!!!
  • Kelly Halligan - I think you should only be allowed to vote on this if u are a property tax payer!
  • Bobbie Mee - How about we spend $13 million on our schools and not a fricken homeless shelter with internet......!!!
  • Kimberly Marraffino - No, I think that if taxpayers are going to be the ones to pay then WE should be the ONLY ones to get a say in where our money goes. I think that maybe some of our tax money should go into making sure the roads in the winter are clear and safe, so TAXPAYERS can get to can't have our money if we can't get to work. IDIOTS! That money could be used for better things....seriously. Oh, and we already have a FREE computer lab in Billings. It is at the MSU Billings downtown campus at Garfield Resource Center on the southside. If you want to use a computer, go there...we are FREE and open to the public. We have 14 computers with internet access. Plus, I think that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for computer use, when most people just Facebook or mess around online...if you want to use a computer that bad then GET A JOB and buy one and stop using my money and other taxpayers money!!
  • Malinda Rickman - No new library, I like the one that we have, I am a county tax payer thankfully not a city one!
  • Monica Stricker - Everyone says well its just a couple bucks. Well a couple bucks here a couple there and you tax people out of their homes. This is the sort or thing that keeps the economy from rebounding. This will not produce jobs or revenue for Billings. Furthermore,most of the people that pay will not have access due to inconvience etc. The college at MSU-B is open to the public. Last I believe mail out ballots are taxation without representation and subject to voter fraud because you dont even know if a registered voter of this county is even the one voting. Vote no!!!!

It's pretty clear most of our listeners don't support the new library project.  Thanks to everybody who weighed in, we'll see what happens after all of the votes are tallied!

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