Move Away
I saw a post this morning from a lady advising people to move out of their home towns and find themselves and make their own way.
Mexicans For Trump
While in Mexico I talked to Miguel who worked at the resort setting up beach chairs and he said that he and his friends love Trump.  They were enthused about the prospect of creating thousands of jobs in America.
He said people will get visa's and go to work and become millionaires. &…
How Rich Is It OK To Be?
My blog today is mostly filled with questions. How much wealth does one have to have before you begin to dislike it?
I remember growing up that one of the Noble boys in our neighborhood got a green Schwinn 10 speed for Christmas. That bike cost $ 149...
Fireworks And Dollars
I was driving across Billings about dusk on the 4th of July and saw a lot of fireworks being set off. I heard even more than I saw.
And I'm curious what people spent on their home fireworks displays this year. I was at a failry big party where the host bought $1,100.00 w...
Prom is a Racket
You folks getting ready to send your kids to prom better see your loan officer first. It amazes me how much money people will spend on a prom. This is not your child's big day; that is yet to come and will cost you a small fortune. I guess its a free country, but for people to spend 3,4, or 5 h…
A hungry child and 60 cents
For most of you that truly know me, I generally don't rant on social media or in my blog very often. However, today will be a little different.
Let me ask this question: If your child attends classes in School District 2 and they eat hot lunch, would you be upset or confused if the lunch la…

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