Democrats Pick Iran
The Democrats have initiated a full-scale attack on our President for removing another terrorist from the planet. Do you really want to talk about Iran's track record,or Soleimani's record?
We spent about $150.00 on fireworks this year. And that's more than we usually spend.
While I was at the Fireworks stand, I saw several people leave with BOXES of fireworks!
So, I'm curious as to what you spent and how many people were at your gathering
Help Us Pick the Music, Montana
Without you, the listener, there would be no Cat Country 102.9. We keep this in mind with every decision we make. No matter how much or how little you listen, you are important.
Cat Country wants your help in picking the music we play...
Icy Parking Lots Hurt Bad [Opinion]
Recently I went to an unnamed store after it had snowed the other night. As I pulled into the parking lot, it was obviously very slick. Snow had been scraped away, but the underlying ice was still there.
As I tried to find a spot to park, I noticed on the far side of the of the lot some paramedics at…

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