Montana Is At Good Odds For A UFO Sighting?
Here's a trip on the wild side for ya! Apparently, chances of seeing a UFO in Montana are higher than most states according to Casino.Org. They just calculated the chances of seeing a UFO in all 50 states and the Treasure State made the Top 10 list.
Billings, Would You Buy This Famous House?
There's something about owning a piece of Hollywood right? It kind of makes you feel like you're owning a little piece of history I suppose.
But what if that little piece of Hollywood isn't even in Hollywood and to top it off, it was the center of a scary movie...
Pennsylvania Wants to Allow Porcupine Hunting
Porcupines aren't exactly idolized for their cuteness, but hunting the pokey critters seems a bit cruel.
Nevertheless, hunting regulators in Harrisburg, PA, say it's time to declare oopen season on the odd-looking rodents after residents began citing property damage as a result of the porcu…