Please Press One
Did you ever wonder how much time we waste after we hear the recording say, "If you know your party's extension....wait for the beep"? Seven seconds here, eight seconds there. After you stop and think about it, those seconds really add up.
Always Answer Mom's Call
I found a book many years ago entitled "Life's Little Instruction Booklet" and each page had one instruction on it; things like "over tip breakfast waitresses", or "always buy whatever kids are selling when they knock on your door".
Some year…
Talking or Texting
I prefer to text, not talk.  (I know, that's kinda lame for an air-personality.  It would be like putting satellite radio in my car!)
What I think of most, are my youngest kids.  I'm around them quite a bit and they can't even begin to think of a day without texting...
Mobile Natural Disaster Alerts, EAS On The Go
I just had to share this story with everyone. With all the flooding, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, this is a most timely story about FEMA and the FCC teaming up to make anybody who has a cell phone aware of any potential natural disasters in their area. According to our friends at smartpla…