I prefer to text, not talk.  (I know, that's kinda lame for an air-personality.  It would be like putting satellite radio in my car!)


What I think of most, are my youngest kids.  I'm around them quite a bit and they can't even begin to think of a day without texting.  Both of them sleep with their phones and check for texts in their sleep. I'm not exaggerating.  I watched Selena do it this morning, and I've seen Taylor go into a full-blown panic when her phone loses a charge!!

I'm constantly pushing how to meet a person, look them in the eye and have a firm handshake.  Basic enough.  However, in this day of texting, will our kids be able to handle things one-on-one?  I'm noticing more and more people don't look you in the eye.  They shake hands like a rubber band, and I don't know if they've ever even left a voice-mail for a stranger.  You can't text in a job interview.  Of course,  we had a party line and rotary phone when I was a kid.  What do I know?


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