Bozeman Kids “Cut Footloose” for Prom in Big Timber
How many of you were one of those kids in the 1980s when movies like Footloose and Dirty Dancing were constantly on TV? I got a kick out of the fact that a bunch of high school kids in Bozeman apparently had to "cut footloose" and head to Big Timber, Montana for the big school dance.
Prom is a Racket
You folks getting ready to send your kids to prom better see your loan officer first. It amazes me how much money people will spend on a prom. This is not your child's big day; that is yet to come and will cost you a small fortune. I guess its a free country, but for people to spend 3,4, or 5 h…
Inaugural Jingle ball
Cat Country 102.9 is proud to present the “Jingle Ball Second Chance Prom”, an event where you can relive your high school memories and make new ones.

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