My Traffic Citation Resume
One of my Facebook friends finally got her first speeding ticket. She's been driving 32 years, and just got her first ticket. Good job. I have outperformed her throughout the years.
100 years
There are not to many things in Billings that have been here for 100 years. One that has been is the Billings Hill climb. I didn't even realize they had bikes that would even scale a hill like that 100 years ago. If you go, you'll notice the bathing suits are different too...
Nasty Car for NASCAR
The Kobalt Tools 400 is hitting the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this March, and we're sending one and a guest to experience the exhaust-fueled excitement first hand!
Breakfast Flakes Bits [AUDIO]
After a short break, we're back! Today Paul had quite a bit to say about the spray painted directions that get plastered all over our streets any time there's a race in town.
Firefighter Races – Hot New Sport? [VIDEOS]
Firefighting isn’t just a job — it’s also a sport. Firematic Racing involves firefighters competing against the clock to complete tasks like assembling and climbing a ladder or fitting and shooting a hose. Though the sport is most popular in New York, its reach …