Songs Our Listeners Hate
One Line Monday started out with a story about a radio station that has quit playing "Baby, It's Cold Outside", as it's too suggestive, in light of the "Me Too" movement.
But the calls quickly turned to songs and artists that you folks hate...
Movies About Your Line Of Work
I've got it on a video cassette, somewhere in a box. I've also got it on DVD. Probably in the same box.
It's a movie called "FM". And it's really, really cheesy. It stars very few people that you'd recognize. The plot is extremely thin. But...
Do You Mind Having Your Tax Dollars Pay For Radio?
Do you mind that some of your federal Tax dollars are spent on Public Radio? Did you even know that they were? Well, they are.
I looked online to find an exact amount but that seems to be somewhat of a secret. All I could find was that they get roughly 25% of their operating budget from taxpayers or …
Listening Elsewhere
Look, I know that you do it. It's alright. I understand. You listen around, don't you. See. I knew it.
So which one is it? Pandora? i-tunes? Spotify?
This is just kind of an informal survey because our bosses are always telling us how these music providers are such big competition...
Gun Talk to Debut on NewsTalk 95.5
"Gun Talk" airs on News Talk 95.5 from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. on Sundays. Tom Gresham created this show nearly 20 years ago and it has been growing ever since. The show's content is suitable for all types of gun owners. Hunters, competition shooters, home security enthusiasts and Second Amendmen…

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